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Below you will find testimonials from people that have had readings with Vickie.

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Vickie read for me and I was very emotional, seeing how I just buried my mom the day before. You asked me if I knew how my mom died and I didn't know. My mother’s death certificate came back today! And it stated cardiopulmonary arrest! How did you know that? No one could of known that!! You Vickie have a gift!

Gabby G., Florida



Vickie is a very clear channel. She was in tune, accurate, and gave great advice. Anyone hoping to have contact from a loved one on the other side would be happy with Vickie's talents. ~thank you so much for your beautiful work.

Susan L., Florida



You made me feel so much better!  I had a sense of calm come over me!  You truly are a heart healer!

Gabby G., Florida



I have spoken to Vickie a few times now and I have not been disappointed at all! She has helped me come to peace with one of my skeletons in my closets. It was hard to get over it, but I now know it's not my fault it happened to me. She spoke with a few of my loved ones who have passed. It makes me feel at peace that my loved ones are still around protecting me and my family. It's nice to know that I have someone to talk to and won't judge me. I look forward to speaking to her again! THANKS VICKIE! You're the best!

Savanna F., New Jersey


I had a reading with Vickie via phone and can absolutely recommend doing this if you are interested in a reading. I am dealing with a LOT right now, to say the least, and I really just felt lost and alone. Not that I don't have great friends around me, but just in the not knowing what to do or which way to proceed.

Vickie and I chatted for a good while, lots of pacing and emotional sharing involved on both sides. She was able to receive message from a very dear friend of mine who transitioned last summer. I have been asking to have her come to me, to help me understand what to do; and from the information Vickie gave me, she's been right here. It wasn't a generic suggestion, I was given specific mannerisms, appearance and even the words shared were ones I would hear from my friend.

There is NO way Vickie could have ever known about our friendship before this call because Vickie and I have only had brief contact. There was never any mention of my amazing sweet friend who was lost to me before Vickie and I ever spoke.

I wish I could put into words how much it helped!

Michelle V., Florida



My experiences with Vickie have been nothing less than epic. Aside from the fact she is so eager to help people and expand her abilities she has been very accurate in her readings. I look to her as a mentor not just a medium or a psychic. She puts a grounded feeling to what many feel is mystical. She is the real deal and an amazing person that cares about helping people not making a quick buck or fooling anyone. I am grateful that our paths have crossed. I highly recommend her to everyone!!!

Allison G., Florida



Someone with Vickie's abilities and genuine heart became inspirational when she started getting visions from people that she could so clearly describe, coming through to her; members of MY family that have passed. Their visit was very healing to my spirit and soul.

Vickie's kindness is employed again as she is trying to help a friend in need. I highly recommend getting a reading from her.  She is so good, a John Edward kind of talent, just can't stop herself from translating. I loved it and think you will too!

Lisa G., Florida



Thanks for today! Even though my surrounding spirits were being stubborn, I really feel like I did get some valuable pieces of advice from the relatives who stopped by to visit. Nice to talk to you, too!

Jodi T., Florida



Today was amazing!  Thanks Vickie!

Melony P., Florida



Vickie accurately sensed a depression in a particular room where I lived for many years. Vickie made a believer of me when she in midway conversation asked if I suffered from headaches.  I had not realized that my headache had gone away when asked me that!  Throughout all our conversation, Vickie was very understanding and kind.  I do not have the 1/2 half wall concrete wall separation Vickie mentioned, but my neighbor has exactly the half wall she was seeing and had mentioned to me!

Marri P., Florida



 I’m a repeat customer and enjoyed this reading even more than the first one!  Extremely accurate!  Thanks!

Christine V., Florida



OMG! That’s all I can say. Well, not really…LOL!

Apparently, my family was louder than my husband’s tonight. The last reading we had it was all his family and this one was all me.

The one connection that I recognized immediately was my grandfather. She had brought up specific things that could only be him. There were other things that I knew were related to me…but I wasn’t sure how. So, when we were done speaking to Vickie I called my mom. Wow. I’m not sure things could have been more spot on if we grew up together in the same house. My mom connected everything Vickie said back to my grandfather and her mother who I never met because she died before I was born.

Please pass the message on to Vickie my grandfather called me his special girl the minute I was born, that the phone was given to my father from my grandfather. That’s why I need to find it and get it. That the cherry mantle clock was a clock that my mom’s mom had forever. It never worked…like ever…and was set to 2PM. The watch was my mom’s mother’s and it was a watch that could be pinned to a shirt. She still has it.

What an amazing experience!

Kari M., Florida



The first time I spoke to Vickie she had trouble doing a reading because she felt I was too blocked and I did have doubts.  So we rescheduled and the second time was much better.  I was on the phone over an hour with her and she picked up on many things going on in my life.  She was dead on accurate with most of the things she picked up on.  Thank you!

Christine V., Florida



During my reading I mentioned I had lost a very expensive pasta colander.  Vickie told me where to look and sure enough it was there!

Susan K., New Jersey



I had no idea who the person was that Vickie was describing.  Then towards the end of my reading I figured out that it was probably my Pop.  Never in a million years did I think he would be the one to come in my reading since I was very young when he died, but he did.  When I think about him everything she described makes perfect sense.  She also picked up on several of my animals that have passed throughout the years; and also a dear friend I miss very much.

Linda M., Florida



I was pleased but confused.  She said it was difficult to do and understand what was coming through.  It was my grandmother, and I take comfort knowing she isn't suffering anymore.  Vickie also mentioned she would like to try again sometime and I’d like to make an appointment for a second reading.  I would definitely recommend her to my friends!

Dawn S., New Jersey



She described my Great Aunt and Grandmother, even some of their mannerisms and some of their favorite sayings.  Her reading helped me come to a few decisions and helped me feel comfort knowing my loved ones are around me.

Aisha T., Wyoming



My cousin suggested I get a reading from Vickie and I’m happy I did!  All I can say is wow and she’s amazing!

Caitlin F., New York



Accurate!  Thank you for the reading!                                                

Heather R., New Jersey



Vickie helped me figure out who was around me and discovered I was right in feeling it was a child.  She gave me advice on how to help the little boy crossover.  I feel guilty because I would rather him stay and keep me company; but, I know it’s the right thing to do.  She was very accurate with other things that are happening in my life in both the past and present.

Lauren C. New Jersey



I had a great reading and I am so thrilled!  My Dad came through very strong.  She described him almost perfect (hair color, clothes, everything).  She even picked up on my migraines and some of my personal things.  She even said my Dad started connecting with her before she talked to me while she was walking her dog.  I’ve never had a psychic reading and I was pleased it was my Dad that came through.  She sent goosebumps up and down my spine when she spoke of things he wanted me to know.  Thank you so much, I am so happy!

Vanessa L., Florida



My reading with Vickie was amazing!  Who came through I was not expecting, but very happy they did!  At first I was trying to think who the lady was but when Vickie mentioned rings I knew, and I hope my Aunt is now happy her rings are together the way they belong!  I could not figure out who the silly guy was until after my reading was completed, but was very surprised when I put everything together. Looking forward to my next reading, and I can't wait!

Jo-Ann R., New Jersey



Just got off the phone with Vickie, she is awesome!  She gave me an amazing reading! Thank you!

Mary H., Illinois



I had a reading with Vickie. My Uncle Sammy was present and she told me things that she never could have known.  I am so very thankful for my reading!  He was a very important part of my life and for him to be able to contact me through Vickie gave me a peace that I wouldn't have had.  While I knew that he loved me, it was so nice to know that he is with me.  I knew that he was with me, but she confirmed it!  Thank you, Vickie, you made this girl a very happy girl!

Cindy P., Florida


Oh my G*D!  She is amazing!!!  I cried!  I can’t thank you enough, at least I know I’m not crazy!  She told me about a heart locket that would signify the person coming through and I have a heart pendant that I used to wear from my Grandpa.  She described my son to a “T” and things going on around my house that I was worried about.  I feel a little less anxious knowing someone is protecting me and my family. 

Billie Jo R., New Jersey






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