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I feel that intuitive and psychic ability is something we all possess. In the past few years I have been blessed in being able to develop my ability beyond my expectations. It is truly a gift to be able to bring messages from loved ones from the other side to let people know that love transcends beyond the veil. It would give me great pleasure to be able to provide this service to you.     

I am a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor. I am not a fortune teller, I do not use a crystal ball, I do not read tarot cards, and I do not deal with the occult. I believe my gift comes from God and he gave me these gifts so I can help others. Please visit the "Reading Testimonials" page.


Readings are given on an Individual and Group basis.


Individual Reading Information

Individual readings are approximately 45 minutes long, sometimes they last 30 minutes and sometimes they last 60 minutes. I have no way of controlling how long spirit stays or how long their message is. Due to this readings can last anywhere between 30-60 minutes. I do my best to give an hour long reading, but sometimes it is not possible.

Individual readings are conducted via telephone.

There is no flat rate for an Individual Reading.  We do ask that you send $1 via Paypal to schedule and hold your scheduled appointment.  Once your reading is complete it is very much appreciated if you send a "Love" donation via Paypal.  You will be sent details via email/text.

To schedule your reading send us an email:  contact@POINTparanormal.com


Group Reading Information

Requires a minimum of 4 participants but no more than 10.

Group readings last approximately 3 hours.

There are no guarantees that everyone in attendance will receive a message as I have no way of controlling the spirits that come forward or how long their message is.

If a message is given that I feel is of a private nature I will have a brief 10 minutes one on one session with that individual so they can receive the message in full.

Cost per group reading session is $200.

To schedule your reading send us an email:  contact@POINTparanormal.com

* Note:  In order to secure the date and time of your Group Readings a $25 deposit is required via Paypal at least 5 days prior to the scheduled event.  The remaining balance will be paid upon arrival at the event.  If a Group Reading is cancelled 3 days or less the deposit is non-refundable.


Appointment Schedule

Sunday: By Special Request
Monday: 7pm
Tuesday: 7pm
Wednesday: 7pm
Thursday: 8pm
Friday: By Special Request
Saturday: 11am, 2pm, 5pm

Group readings are available Monday thru Friday in the evening anywhere in Palm Beach County, Florida.
Group readings are available Friday and Saturday evening in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie county

Please understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances scheduled appointments may have to be changed. We will always do our best to accommodate you with a date and time that best suits your schedule.


Other Services Offered

  • Develop Your Psychic Ability:  One on one or group sessions can be scheduled. One on one sessions can be over the phone or in person. Group sessions are conducted in person. Group sessions are only available in South Florida at this time.  
  • Dream Analysis:  Are you having the same dream over and over again? Do you want to know what that strange dream you had the other night means?  Years of experience allows us to give you a detailed analysis of your dream.  When sending us your dream please be as detailed as possible. The smallest detail could be the most important!  
  • Life Coach and Mentoring:  One on one sessions can be over the phone or in person. In person sessions available only in South Florida only. Sessions last one hour.
  • Psychometry:  Psychometry is the ability to discover facts about a person by touching inanimate objects
  • that once belonged to them, such as necklaces, rings, or a hairbrush.  Psychometry readings are available in South Florida only. Arrangements can be made for you to ship an object to Vickie. Sender is responsible for paying both shipping to Vickie and return shipping, as well as insurance for both shipments. We can help you schedule a shipment.
  • Reading Picture:  If you have a picture of someone you would like to know more about you can request a 15 minute Picture Reading.  Once you have scheduled your Picture Reading you will be given directions on how to email/text the photo and you will be called at your scheuduled appointment time with the results.
Click here to send an email or email us directly at: Contact@POINTparanormal.com


Preparing For Your Reading

Tips For A Successful Reading

If there is someone specific that you want to come through during your reading, please do the following:
The day before your reading say the persons name out loud and explain that you will be having a reading with Vickie and ask that person to please come forward and communicate with her. Repeat the process a couple of hours before your reading.

Understand that not everyone will come through during your reading... even the person you asked may not come through. This usually happens because there is someone else on the other side that feels their message to you is more important and the person you asked to step forward may feel the same way. Spirits are sometimes not available for communication.

Do not volunteer any information unless you are asked for it. I have to interpret what I am seeing. What I see may not mean the same thing to you. If we work together we will be able to figure it out. For example for some people a red rose may symbolize love while to others it symbolizes saying "thank you".

Keep an open mind and listen carefully. If you don't acknowledge the spirit coming forward they may leave and you could miss out on an amazing reading or message. Don't write the reading off or get upset simply because a certain person doesn't come forward. Please acknowledge the spirit that has come through and see what message they may have for you.

Remember the smallest details are often the most important. If something seems familiar or you know who is please say "yes" or "no" or even give the persons name.

Please make sure you are in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted or will have very minimal interruptions. This includes no answering your phone (unless it is an emergency) and being as calm as possible during the reading. Less noise equals a better reading for all involved.

Have a piece of paper and pen ready to write down notes. If you don't understand something write it down and speak to a family member, they may understand what it means or who it is from.

Brush up on family history. Most times I will not get a first name but I will know if the person is male or female and how they passed, in addition I can often pick up their family relation to you. In most cases I will be able to describe some of their physical features or habits. It is also good to know any important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

During most readings I experience first hand how the spirit communicating with me has passed, please be patient while I go through this phase of the reading. It can sometimes take several minutes for this phase to end as I usually feel all the pain and symptoms associated with a spirits passing.

I do my best to give an accurate reading, but no one is ever 100% accurate all the time. I will be truthful an honest with what I am seeing, hearing, and receiving from the spirit and I ask that you do the same.


Send us an email directly: contact@POINTparanormal.com

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